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A picture is worth 1000 words, so...
What's better than a picture?
MOVING pictures!

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More information on the Hastings Documentary -
Sorry, We're Closed: The End of the Video Store!

And here's ThisIsPrescott.com

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What can
Making A Scene Productions
do for you?

Deb Gallegos with video camera

We film VIDEOS... for everything from a local, small business web video advertisement to your family history.

In addition, we design and produce websites and creative content for them. We specialize in web video for such uses as business advertising and blog updates to keep you connected with your customers and clients. We also provide graphic design for business cards, brochures, and promotional flyers.

We also film EVENT VIDEOGRAPHY. This involves having someone FILM, EDIT, and DELIVER a finished video of some memorable event in your life or your friends' and family's lives.

Event videos can be used as your own keepsake DVD, a public OR password-protected video on the internet, or as a gift for friends and family.


"Girl Shoot Home Video" iStock.com ©Pitroviz

"We're here to help YOU!"

-The Making A Scene Team

We would love to
serve your needs for
video production, graphic design, web design/maintenance,
& copywriting in the Northern Arizona area.

Our studio is based in Prescott and we easily work in Prescott Valley, Chino Valley, Verde Valley, Sedona, Flagstaff, and beyond to provide the solutions you need for video and web services.